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Qantas Airways Limited /ˈkwɒntəs/ is the flag carrier of Australia and its largest airline by fleet size, international flights, and international destinations. It is the third oldest airline in the world, after KLM and Avianca, having been founded in November 1920 it began international passenger flights in May 1935. The Qantas name comes from "QANTAS", an acronym for its original name, "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services", and it is nicknamed "The Flying Kangaroo". Qantas is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance. 

An outraged customer called D Randall, from the UK shared his bad experience flying with QANTAS AIRWAYS  in a review published by  SKYTRAX: "Worst flight I've ever taken. Sydney to London. Worst flight I've ever taken. Delay of five and a half hours before take-off. Left on the plane for about three hours while refueling resulting in about 27 hours onboard the plane in total - lights off for the duration of the flight. I think more than half the passengers' baggage was lost. Getting in touch with Qantas to find out the location of my stuff has been impossible. No communication at all. Awful customer service all round. I will never fly with Qantas again."


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Current Employee - Cabin Crew says

"Qantas !! The leadership team at QCCUK and the absolute shockers in mascot leadership roles are simply the worst. We are currently being asked to take 2 years leave without pay but can be called beck at a moments notice at the whim of Qantas. DO NOT DO IT IT IF THEY EVER recruit in UK again they will treat u like hashtag on the sole of your shoe and expect u to be thank full for this. Remember this is a company who has £3bil cash reserves !! Have furlough all UK crew since March to Oct UK Government paid our wages and QF won’t even pay us redundancy they want us to have two years of waiting for them to fly again. Honestly worst worst employer in the globe !! Even in usual times the QCCUK crew leadership teams have never seen leadership they just look at u in the base as rubbish and treat u with complete distain!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It felt like the management team were extremely critical"

Current Employee - Manager says

"1. Old style processes 2. Too many staff redundancies to give you continuous job insecurity"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor working environment, bullying and harassment rampant"

Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"Leadership is ineffective and the culture is awful. If you're a bully who wants to get ahead, you'll love it. If you want to be valued for doing good work and prefer a collaborative workplace, maybe not. Lay-offs are a regular part of life and with the current financial pressures there are likely to be more."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Bully managers, micromanage. No career path as they preferred new employee from outside the company"

Former Employee - Toilet Cleaner says

"bullying intimidation under payed incompetent management"

Former Employee - Baggage Handler says

"Poorly managed Worked to the point of injury How does a 25 hour week manage to completely take over your life? Dirty conditions Low pay"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"You are going to be bored very quickly. You are not able to do anything because of burocracy. Come here only of you don't care about your career and want to have an easy life"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you are not white, they will treat you as if you are 3rd class workers. They hire many overseas employees when they can hire local Australians."

Passenger Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Worst job in my life. I have Spanish accent so Australians often didn’t understand me speaking. Customers often very demanding and arrogant. They always write complain letters about every little thing."

Freight Handler (Former Employee) says

"No future , a hire company taken over by Qantas , them v’s us environment. Qantas no longer employs Full time . Everyone is only Casual or Part time with no future .You see planes ...Hours, minimalistic"

Freight services (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely shambles, unprofessional and total chaotic recruitment system. I went through the vetting process for about 12 months and advised all was okay...only to be deleted from the system. There is no human cohesion from management to shop floor. The guys at the freight warehouse are doing their best under the circumstances. Business management and administration is flawed. The mission and vision is quite the opposite of application. I was looking forward to working for QF and hoped for better things. Disappointed, really. I took a gamble on staying with workplacement agency or QF. I chose latter and suffered loss. Sad cos I like the agency staff but I turned my back on them and got shafted by QF recruitment.Meet good people on the shop floor with interesting backgroundsBad supervisors promoting bad management directives"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Like all airlines you are just seen as a number who is a robot to their system. A constant roll over of staff is the norm, I had 5 managers in 3 years. Terrible shift work, long hours and no recognition.Staff TravelEverything"

QGS groundstaff (Former Employee) says

"There are 2 sets of unions. 1 for the old and 1 for the new. the new get paid less , with less benefits but work harder. You need to pay $600 for physical , go through an online course (12 subjects) and pass a forklift assessment all on your time. Once you pass all this , they think you will not leave. You will not be working on aeroplanes , as they say. (this is for the old only) . You will be working mainly in the "mail room' , this is a brain dead job just lifting bags all day. You will be working every weekend , lucky to get 1 out of every 8 off. The place has a very bad culture , if you are not Friends or are family of the leading hands you will be subject to all the bad jobs. They have a very large turn around of staff. Qantas has a really good airline name , and they are taking advantage of this ! If you dont believe me look at the history of their adds. They continually advertise for staff. Management do not listen or care. they say you will work 40hrs , but they are cutting that back to 25hrs. If your still going to go ahead with applying , speak to the interviewers about all of above . They will confirm all is standby tickets after 6 months of workworking weekends, bad culture, midnight shifts, unfair practices, two unions"

AME(Avionics) says

"Company full of discrimination and bias. Any legitimate problems or concerns swept under the carpet to your detriment. A criminal organisation."

Baggage Handler (Current Employee) says

"I did enjoy working at Qantas but found that I was treated like a another number in the organisation. Hard work is not rewarded and there is no loyalty from Management."


"Well I worked for this airline for 16 years, and having put them for a reference to find employment is utterly disgusting. They have changed human resources officers like toilet paper not given a good reference or acknowledging I even worked there. Where other airlines require you to have Medium rigid or heavy rigid to work in cleaning , Qantas does not because they are looked after and other airlines are second rated. Qantas , since 2006, ten years have past , and they have increased their workforce by 40%. Those that have been given compulsory reduncies could have been given part time or casual employment. Disgusting. As for family life , working shift work 7 days a week not seeing the kids grow up , again disgusting. 1970's child care centres rarely existed now woman are forced to work and cook and clean and spend 30% of wages to child care centres ........ etc etc etc .Cannot think of anything.Discounted travel no guarantee on stand by for days!!"

FREIGHT (Former Employee) says

"Pay is rediculous, new comers are treated like they dont exist, existing staff continuasly backstab and report to seniors !!!! Management dont know whats going on and act according to what they hear !!TripsSome overtime"

catering assistant (Current Employee) says

"clock on do stretching go to work station start job no talkingi have learnt the production of the catering side of qantas food prep preset of trays food in aircraft ovens and loading of food carts on not very friendlyco workers very rudegoing thereleaving therefree mealsbeing casual you are not treated very nice your just a number"

Food & Beverage Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Great diversity among staff members. Middle management are supportive and top management are cold and ignorant, profit oriented and lack of genuinity. Short staffs and high turn over."

Line Maintenance Manager - WA (Former Employee) says

"An environment t that requires the best of its people in a challenging ever changing environment. Aviation industry is constantly changing in its area of growth and development while being at the forefront of technology change. This creates a challenging environment who operate within the organisation. requiring a high level of collaboration arcross various sectors of operations to ensure the customer expectation are met. My time with Qantas both challenged me and was rewarding, being able to develop and grow individuals to meet both company and self expectations. to be able to make a difference in the culture and grow the business, in remote WA."

Catering Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Notorious coworkers in Qantas Catering Preset part against casuals. some of old ladies are intolerably rude - harassing, racially discriminating and bullying. No one cares about these old princesses whatever they do because they have worked there for a long time. less productive work environment. less efficient process many mistakes because of these old mealsold female workers rudeness"

Qantas Food and Beverage Host (Current Employee) says

"The best part about the working at QANTAS second is the people that you come into contact with everyday. Many have amazing stories and almost 95% of them are kind individuals. You hear their stories and are instantly motivated and inspired. Unfortunately, this lounge is going downhill. The turnover rate for workers are high and the management is extremely, extremely terrible. There is a lack of professionalism and experience amongst them is at an all-time low. Call-outs every week, unnecessary write-ups, illegal actions at the place, and more. Not to mention, some of the mangers were hired from being previous bartenders a few months prior. My experience therefore has been less than a wonderful experience. There are dozens of professional lounges in the world, and this is not one. They are selfish and do not care for the employees, with that said, I do not recommend working here. Pay is great, but money is not everything, you will regret your decision on working here.Pay rateEvery single manager/Management"

Cabin Crew (Current Employee) says

"I currently work as CABIN CREW and I'm so disappointed in QF. The recruitment process was exceptionally such a long wait (1 whole year of being on hold) and I finally got into the job only to realise it was totally nothing like they say it's going to be. Like I've said, there was so much constant heavy lifting, pushing, pulling and you're constantly on your feet, especially when you have the shorter flights and there's absolutely NO time for a break during your entire day at work. They make it out to be such a wonderful amazing job and honestly guys it is so far from that. When you fly so much you notice some changes in your body and it's so hard to cope with such a terribly low wage to compensate. There's also a lot of a crazy emphasis put on seniority so there's lots of people who have been working there for decades and treat you like you are young and you know absolutely nothing in the world. I don't recommend. Really had my hopes up for this job.Crew mealsLong hours, low pay, high seniority, short rest, jet lag, fatigue, long recruitment process"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"It can be a great job for the right person but being s flight Attendant doesn’t suit everyone. It can be hard work but can also be rewarding at the same timeWork was always differentSeniority"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Working as a flight attendant is a great lifestyle if you're good with people and enjoy travel. The crew are great but there's a snarky high school mentality and you should be prepared for sycophantic people looking to advance by a good bit of backstabbing. Be careful about who you trust! Unfortunately, management view you as merely another number. Their main focus is on maximising shareholder and management profit. They'll work you as much as possible- especially if you're new and don't have seniority. I personally was 'let go' due to taking my crew meal and a can of coke off the aircraft to eat later. This was after years of faithful service. Don't get me wrong, I love the crew! Fantastic people who make the company what it is through their amazing service. It's just disappointing that management doesn't realise that the front line staff make the company, not how much upper management receives in bonuses due to maximising share price.Flight discounts, great culture in crew, stay in lovely places, you get to fly!Management treats you like a number, lots of backstabbing, front line staff are not valued by management at all"

International Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Great for Salary and people are lovely Great for roster stability Great meals and allowances Base management terrible not helpful and do not help and support staff in difficult circumstances - power hungry women in office who can get rid of staff without fair trial and favouritism with certain staff members and management who have never flown in office or flown for couple years only Slow career progression onboard - encourage snake mentality within the London base be careful who you trust within managementMain crew and allowancesManagement"

Aircraft mechanic engineering (Current Employee) says

"Pay rate lower than another companies, unfair pay rate for between employees. Management has racist. Stupid schedule that no one like for aircraft mechanics. They're abusing the employees in US. Need union in US"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance. Culture terrible with aggressive dictatorial management style at supervisor level. Shifts changed at moments notice. No ownership of your roster"

Vitor Faria says

"I got my flight (QF 734 - Confirmation number JL8VRX) cancelled on 30/June/20 and 6 months after I am still waiting for my money back. Very poor service provided!!"

The best says

"Hahahaha how you gonna get outta this one shitus?!? Hahaha crash and burn, useless airlines, I’ve never liked your service. Bye bye.. can I get a “liquid” “ation” bhaha"

Piero Odell says

"mandating vaccination for passengers, baaaaiiiii qantas will be complicit in the demise of australia for this globalist cuckoldry"

Karina Opazo says

"Never ever flying Qantas again! How dare they expect people to put something into their bodies! That is NOT up to them to dictate."

Natalie Jarvis says

"No way am I flying if they demand a vaccine. What Happened to ‘my body my choice’ 😡 GOODBYE"

Vintage Lover says

"Changed my airline now after reading they will enfroce vacinations. No one has a right to tell us to poison our body with something tested so shortly even doctors are refusing it. I wonder why no compensation if being offered for expected bad side effects ?? I will take my business elsewhere keep your airline im sure plenty will offer me a choice based on free will. I run a travel blog so i will be informing them too"

River Wright says

"Very disappointed in your service Qantas. You have failed Australia as a nation. Absolutely dismal service."

M Bek says

"No more Qantas flying, keep your Covid vaccine!"

NerdyCaveman says

"Take your coercive and blackmailing covid vaccination to communist China where they might care. #boycottqantas"


"I took out comprehensive insurance for my Landcruiser Sahara. I had a high impact accident where the car was written off. Qantas Insurance wanted to repair it by changing the whole chassis. I have never heard of such a thing but this is how low these people stoop not to pay what is common practice with other insurers. I have been chasing them for a month . Their call centre is a fake. You will be waiting for hours. Avoid at all Cost. I am seeking legal advice now."

Helen crompton says

""Covid-cost cutting" is a deception by Qantas. Early in May this year a one way flight Perth to Sydney a first class ticket at an inflated price bought you no food beyond a small packet of crackers and a cube of cheese – and no other service "because of Covid." No effort made. On that same flight air hostesses treated the trip like their private party. Loud, and arrogant. Very recent flight home to Perth, I paid in advance for an extra bag – which allowed me up to 30 kilos each ... or so I thought. Apparently its from 23 to 30 kilos and the second bag must only weigh 23 – and they even weighed my carry-on case (it weighed under 7 kilos) to justify making another $50 charge . . . and the flight was 3/4 empty. In the auto bag check-in even my first bag was under 30 kilos and the check-in asked for more money for excess baggage - which one staff member overrode and said was a mistake. On that flight there was little service. The head of cabin crew didn't look at my ticket after smiling at me because he was too busy standing at the entry of the aircraft. I went down the first aisle which was of course the wrong one. There was no entertainment "because of Covid." ie cost saving for them. I know this because I asked one of the stewards who said Qantas have a contract with the company that provides the entertainment and they suspended that contract to save themselves money. No notification of this when booking. Indeed prior to the trip, Qantas sent numerous emails encouraging travellers to "bid" on an upgrade - you couldn't bid below $250. You would have received nothing for your money. Emails too encouraged travellers to "upgrade" to the Qantas lounge which I believe was shut. The first class area on plane would have been hugely disappointing for those who paid extra - different coloured seats marginally wider than economy and not even so much as a curtain separating the areas. On this 4 hour 30 minute trip people were offered two junior school mini rolls or four fritters the size of 20 cents pieces. They were truly truly poor. Info had said dinner would be provided. I requested the little cheese and cracker packets but they had none. I will go to every effort never to fly Qantas again whenever there is an opportunity to avoid this organisation."

David Staines says

"Alan Joyce publish this as you deserve it and I did admire the company but now have a very different view point and experience when times get tuff some Australians do not give a rats about other Australians!!! So as the BIG BOY REP you are a just a just a money manager tight ass. My wife and I's overseas trip was all refunded by various other parties (maybe not in all cases full refunds but some surprises), but before today...... finally Qantus (lucky pathetic last still running in the Melbourne Cup with no spectators) had to give two little Queenslander people a refund and the we thought we were going and should have got a full refund based on decisions to date with our travel agent and correspondence with Qantus. Yeah you guested it, no we are short by some 300 plus odd dollars approximately. Come on! we are feed up my Wife and I, we are Australians in a State where Qantus was founded!!!!. Alan you need to think about the treatment of future possible passengers. You will never get an other cent from me or my misses!! I just want to put our claim into my insurance (Insure and Go) which yeah will and has said I am covered for the Pandemic and I bet they pay up quicker than Qantus! I have a friend who's family son and wife and deceased husband/father worked for Qantus so we know what is go on with Job keeper humm oh hum... Alan and your board know too! Australians are not Emus and we know and hear what is going on; so we are no fools and you know you and your boring rich board members now have a new moto mojo Qantus is a quant ass so suck that up!!!"

Mark Dover says

"I've had a message from Qantas saying, quote: "There has been an decrease in the time frame for refund as some of the backlog has been cleared and hence if the system does not release payment in 50 days [of your refund request], we can expedite it to the refunds team for manually processing the release of the payment." Bombard them people! Let's get back what is owing to us!"

Olivia More says

"I've had better experiences with customer service on low budget flight booking websites than I have now with Qantas. Qantas told me my payment had failed and they have no record of it at all, when I asked them to double check considering the money has already left my card, the customer service lady acted as if I'd ask her to donate her bloody kidney to me. She was sighing, and talking to me like I was five years old and stupid. $1800 has been taken out of my credit card and it's not even a holding transaction -it has been processed - has the money vanished into thin air? I was put on hold for 2 hours, tried to use the call back service multiple times but they either do not call you back or hang up as soon as you answer after 3 rings. Don't bother booking through Qantas because if there's any issue afterwards, they'll make your life a living hell to fix it :)))) Consider the other reviews here too."


"Qantas cancelled my flight and my wife's flight to Singapore and issued us credit vouchers. I requested for refunds instead via phone calls as well as online. It is just IMPOSSIBLE!! I have waited altogether more than 6 months and absolutely no action has been taken. It is obvious that Qantas has no intention of making refund at all despite their claim. While I understand the need to enhance cash flow for the company, this practice is simply an offence against people's rights especially when so many of us are in need of fund to tide over this difficult period. I hope that the Australian Commerce Commission will conduct an internal investigation and bring the company to account."

Marcus says

"Useless customer service - 10 days without a response"

Peter Baulch says

"Our Qantas flight from London to Melbourne in Feb, 2020, missed the connecting flight in Singapore due to late departure from Heathrow. Qantas provided us with $50 voucher for dinner that night and breakfast and lunch the next day. What a joke ...$50 was never going to cover 3 meals, so on return to Australia we claimed around $200 with receipts, from Qantas. Claim denied. We then heard of Claim Compass and lodged a claim through them. Result was Qantas HAD to pay us 600 Euro each (EU Rules). A simple $200 claim was now almost a $2000 claim for Qantas to pay. So our advice is don't wast time trying to claim against Qantas, just go direct to Claim Compass and they will get the claim settled for you."

Sara Zhozho says

"Hi, Please don’t collaborate with Tripmonster. They have very poor service and overpriced And accidentally charged us for wrongly. We are waiting to get a refund. We inquired to change our flight and they did wrong booking! And staff were sleeping when we called on the phone because they are located in Spain. Horrible service please don’t deal with them. Thanks, Sara"

Ross Wilson says

"Elderly staff servicing the Brisbane to Darwin route are really doing Qantas a disservice, you would think they would be happy to be working again after the Covid issues... and this was in Business Class, the look of distain and throwing food at passengers was quite astounding, guess they realise they have no competition now that Virgin has crashed and burned."

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